Be ahead
with the machine Avangard

Laser machine from a domestic manufacturer

Acceleration up to 1.2G
Maximum speed 100 m / min
Laser power up to 3 kW
Working area: 3000x1500; 4000x1500mm
Cuts sheet up to 20 mm

Machine configuration

complete set
The AVANGARD machine was originally richly equipped with technological components. It is based on a unique stress relieved heat treated steel milled bed. During the operation of the machine, especially when working with thin metal, the vibration of the bed is much less than on machines with a cast iron or welded bed.
  • Optimal cost machine tool
  • Portal with a coefficient of linear expansion identical to the frame
  • Operator stand
    with a widescreen 21’’
  • Reliable cutting head
    with autofocus
With automatic
interchangeable tables*
The change table is designed to change pallets with blanks / parts in the working area of the machine in automatic mode: the operator generates a command to start changing pallets, it ends automatically.
  • Increasing productivity by reducing
    time for loading blanks and unloading parts
  • Improving the convenience of transactions
    loading / unloading, including using lifting mechanisms
  • * - An automatic exchange table can be installed after the purchase of the machine, during operation, when it was required to increase productivity.

Photo of the laser machine

Video about the laser machine


Comparison of
AVANGARD machine with Chinese counterparts

Chinese equivalent *
The frame and the portal are made of the same material - steel. Over time, there will be no loss of accuracy due to temperature differences.
Base made of cast iron or steel, portal made of aluminum. When the temperature drops, the structure "breaks" itself. At a width of 2 meters, the values can be up to 0.3 mm., While the accuracy of the machines is declared +/- 0.02 mm.
The bed is made of steel and heat treated
The frame is not heat-treated, it has a "liquid" structure, and will not be able to provide a reliable foundation for the dynamic operation of the portal.
Our speed has been proven both by engineering calculations and by actual testing.
The stated speeds do not correspond to the drives used, just a hoax.
Wide screen at the operator
Small or vertical
* the table shows the disadvantages of Chinese machines from different manufacturers, which we personally saw and took into account when designing our AVANGARD machine. * Before designing AVANGARD, we looked at the production and studied the designs of more than 20 machine tool manufacturers in China, Turkey, Europe, and we ourselves operate several imported laser cutting machines.

Video about our factory

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