The real Russian champion

Laser cutting machine from the domestic manufacturer

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Acceleration up to 1.5G
Maximum speed 140 m/min.
Minimum vibration - you can cut faster and more accurately!
Laser power up to 6 kW
Cutting area 3000x1500; 6000x1500mm
Cuts sheet up to 30 mm
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Machine configuration

Working area size, Length х Width: 3000х1500, 6000х1500 mm
The CHAMPION is richly equipped from the outset with technological components. It is based on a unique stress relieved welded bed with mineral composite filling.
During the operation of the machine, even when working with thick metal, the vibration of the bed is much less than on machines with a solid cast iron or welded bed.
  • Efficient six-zone
    gas removal system
  • Gantry with a coefficient of linear expansion identical to the frame.
  • Remote module (operator's stand)
    with a widescreen 21’’
  • Availability of rolled-out pallet
    in basic set
Working area size, Length х Width: 3000х1500, 6000х1500 mm
Cabinet protections are used to ensure the protection of the operator, other participants and production premises from the effects of adverse factors arising from the operation of the machine.
  • Increase productivity by reducing time
    spent loading blanks and unloading parts
  • Improving the convenience of loading / unloading operations,
    including using lifting mechanisms
  • * - the Champion machine is available to order with an automatic interchangeable table. Also an automatic change table is available as an option for retrofitting.
With cabinet protection
and automatic
exchange tables
Working area size, Length х Width: 3000х1500, 6000х1500 mm
Cabinet protections are used to ensure the protection of the operator, other participants and production premises from the effects of adverse factors arising from the operation of the machine.
  • Protection against laser radiation, both direct
    and reflected
  • Smoke / dust reduction
    around the machine
  • Improving the culture and safety of production, compliance with international requirements, ISO, CE, etc.

Photo of the laser machine

Video about the laser machine

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than to hear 100 times!

We invite you to the demo hall. Cut out a sample of your
details, let's show the potential of the machine.

  • Comparison of
    CHAMPION machine with Chinese counterparts

    Laser cutting machine CHAMPION
    Chinese counterparts *
    The frame and the portal are made of the same material - steel. Over time, there will be no loss of accuracy due to temperature differences.
    The frame is made of cast iron or steel, the portal is made of aluminum. When the temperature drops, the structure «breaks itself». At a width of 2 meters, the values can be up to 0.3 mm.
    The frame is made of steel, heat treated and filled with special concrete to damp vibrations
    The frame is not heat-treated, it has a “liquid” structure. It will not be able to provide a reliable basis for the dynamic operation of the portal.
    Our speed is confirmed by both engineering calculations and and actual tests.
    The stated speeds do not correspond to the applicable drives, this is a fraud.
    Roll-out pallet is included as a standard
    Not able
    Our machine can be pumped! Supply a more powerful source or add a removable table.
    Not able
    Wide screen at the operator
    Small or vertical
    * the table shows the shortcomings of Chinese machines from different manufacturers that we personally saw and took into account when designing the CHAMPION machine. * before designing the CHAMPION, we looked at the production and studied the designs of more than 20 machine tool manufacturers in China, Turkey, Europe, and also operate several foreign laser cutting machines ourselves.

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    Options and accessories

    Metal storage system

    Pneumatic grippers

    Cryogenic gasifiers

    Surge Protectors

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    video presentation of laser cutting machine Champion

    We will make a video presentation of laser cutting machine
    personally for you by video conference! *

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    A new legal entity "Chelyabinsk Laser Equipment Plant" was registered. Serial production of “CHAMPION” sheet metal laser cutting machines was begun. The most innovating solutions of our engineers, as well as fifteen years of experience and skill of the production staff, have combined in our machines.


    The company began local content in manufacturing of laser cutting machines in the Russian Federation, and regularly participating in the metalworking exhibition in Moscow ExpoCentre.


    The company started to sell imported laser cutting systems. The staff of developmental and service engineers, programmers and electronic technician has been expanded.


    The company began to develop its own machine tool industry. The company has significantly expanded production capabilities by using of modern machining centers, laser and coordinate punching machines, CNC bending machines and other equipment. The company started production of chip conveyors, cabinet-type protections and beds for CNC machines.


    The company was engaged in the manufacture of products on CNC metalworking machines according to customer’s drawings. In line with the growth of the company, our capabilities and competencies began to grow, thereby the company began to manufacture sophisticated products which asked of bigger engineering and intellective intensity of production.