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Our own production is our pride!

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    Big Story

    The history of the company began in 2005, with the provision of metalworking services. Founded by employees and graduates of the South Ural State University. Since its inception and to this day, the company has been developing ambitiously, constantly expanding the range of products.

  • Strong Production

    Today, under the auspices of the ChLEP, a powerful staff of specialists has been assembled, which makes it possible to implement a full production cycle in a high-quality manner and realize a decent level of service for customers.

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    Mutually Beneficial Partnership

    Chelyabinsk Laser Equipment Plant will provide quality service and complete the work on time. Our main values are quality, professionalism, friendliness

How machines are made

Metal laser cutting machine is a complex equipment, the stability and quality of which is formed at the design stage.

Each unit of the future machine is designed by specialists of the R&D department of the Chelyabinsk Laser Equipment Plant. The scientific approach and extensive research competencies allow for simulation of the main machine components at the design stage to ensure their operability and reliability. An important task of machine design is to ensure a balance between its quality and cost indicators.

Electronic data interchange is widely used in the design and manufacture of machines. According to the electronic documentation transferred to the ChLEP workshops, laser cutting of blanks, bending of parts, welding and painting of units are carried out. The use of modern equipment makes it possible to meet the design requirements for dimensional and shape accuracy.

Assembly and testing of the machine's electric automation panels and electric drive system is carried out on the electrical equipment section of ChLEP. Testing allows you to identify faulty components before they are installed in the machine.

The machine is assembled in the assembly shop in accordance with the developed technology. Laser micrometer systems are used to control geometric dimensions that are important for the machine operation, allowing micron-accurate critical operations to be carried out.

An important operation in building a machine is its setting. The plant's specialists adjust the feed drive system, providing the stated requirements for movement accuracy, speeds and accelerations. After adjusting the drives, the machine runs in for at least 100 hours of continuous operation.

The machine assembly is completed by installing the laser cutting head and the laser light source, and then the machine is ready to perform its function — metal cutting. The plant specialists test the machine in all thickness ranges for various materials. These tests are supervised by QCD specialists.

Before the machine is shipped to the customer, all dilapidated components during the inspection are replaced.

Competent design, strict adherence to manufacturing techniques, adjustment and testing of the machine allow to obtain products that meet the stated characteristics and are able to perform their functions for a long time.


Video about our factory

Examples of parts made by laser cutting machines

Kinematics of our machines

Laser cutting machines manufactured by the Chelyabinsk Laser Equipment Plant are built according to the classical kinematic scheme with three independent coordinates used by almost all manufacturers of such equipment. On the one hand, this is good, since proven solutions are used, but on the other hand, you need to somehow stand out from the competition.

Due to the optimal selection of components, load modeling and original design solutions, ChLEP offers the consumer machines that are at least as good as competitors in terms of characteristics, but have more attractive prices. At the same time, the estimated resource is at least 10 years when working 24/7.

An analysis of the designs of laser cutting machines has shown that they often use components from well-known manufacturers, which leads to some, sometimes significant, overpayment "for the brand". At the same time, the market offers products from less well-known manufacturers with comparable characteristics.

Chelyabinsk Laser Equipment Plant successfully cooperates with Nietz, a major manufacturer of electromechanical equipment from China. A wide range of servos and planetary gearboxes, which is not inferior to famous analogues, characteristics, as well as the readiness of the operational manufacture of components with the parameters required by the client, allow us to create equipment with optimal accuracy and performance. To ensure optimal performance on each machine, ChLEP specialists adjust the parameters of the servos, focusing on experimental data on the dynamic characteristics of the electromechanical system of a particular machine.

Modeling of static and dynamic loads arising in the machine allowed us to use rail guides of a smaller standard size in comparison with competitors without compromising the accuracy and resource parameters of the machine. The use of pre-tensioned carriages reduced positioning errors and increased the smoothness of movement.

The combination of measures carried out during the design and carried out during manufacture made it possible to establish serial production of machines with high consumer characteristics: the speed of movement of the laser head up to 100 m/min or 140 m/min (depending on the model), acceleration - up to 1.2g or 1.5g (depending on the model) with cutting errors corresponding to 7-12 qualities.

What can you create with CNC laser cutting machines

The CNC laser machine allows you to create metal products with complex geometric shapes, including art elements. Its creation requires the highest precision of processing.

One operator is enough to control the laser cutting machine. Automatic changeable tables and a roll-out pallet allow you to easily install blanks of different formats, up to up to six meters in length!
The complete set of Chelyabinsk Laser Equipment plant machines also includes software that will allow you to create blanks for:

  • doors,
  • cabinets,
  • electronics cases,
  • fences,
  • shelving,
  • grills
  • facade skin materials,
  • interior partitions,
  • ventilation ducts,
  • drainage,
  • and much, much more.

The possibilities of laser cutting machines are enormous. ChLEP specialists are always ready to share the secrets of skill and teach the correct handling of the installation.

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Since 2005, the founders of Chelyabinsk Laser Equipment Plant LLC have been designing and manufacturing complex industrial products made of various types of steel and alloys, as well as developing equipment for various machine tools. The appearance of ChLEP was a logical result of the long-term work of a group of highly qualified engineers - graduates of the mechanical, technological and aerospace faculties of South Ural State University - designers and specialists in the field of metalworking.

Chelyabinsk Laser Equipment Plant is a large enterprise with its own design and technology departments, as well as a research and development division that is engaged in research and development and development work. The company uses modern equipment of the CNC turning and milling group, laser and coordinate punching machines, CNC sheet bending machines and painting chambers, which allows the company to be one of the leading Russian manufacturers of laser machines.

In 2018-2019, a fully functional prototype of a laser cutting machine was created on which the technology was worked out, the selection and testing of high-quality components for the serial production of laser cutting machines was carried out.

In 2020, the CHAMPION laser cutting machine of its own design was launched into mass production. Since 2021, the range has expanded: a new laser machine of its own design, AVANGARD, has been launched into the series.

The recognition of the company as a market leader took place at the international exhibition Innoprom-2021 in Uzbekistan, where ChLEP was officially presented as part of a delegation from the Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Federation. The plant's products aroused great interest at the recent exhibition "Metalloobrabotka-2021" in Moscow.


A new legal entity "Chelyabinsk Laser Equipment Plant" was registered. Serial production of “CHAMPION” sheet metal laser cutting machines was begun. The most innovating solutions of our engineers, as well as fifteen years of experience and skill of the production staff, have combined in our machines.


The company began local content in manufacturing of laser cutting machines in the Russian Federation, and regularly participating in the metalworking exhibition in Moscow ExpoCentre.


The company started to sell imported laser cutting systems. The staff of developmental and service engineers, programmers and electronic technician has been expanded.


The company began to develop its own machine tool industry. The company has significantly expanded production capabilities by using of modern machining centers, laser and coordinate punching machines, CNC bending machines and other equipment. The company started production of chip conveyors, cabinet-type protections and beds for CNC machines.


The company was engaged in the manufacture of products on CNC metalworking machines according to customer’s drawings. In line with the growth of the company, our capabilities and competencies began to grow, thereby the company began to manufacture sophisticated products which asked of bigger engineering and intellective intensity of production.

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